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Noise Management Plan

Vancouver Airport Authority manages and operates Vancouver International Airport (YVR). We are Canada’s second busiest airport with an ambitious strategy to become a world class sustainable hub airport serving 29 million passengers by 2020.

As a community-based organization, it is in our mandate to provide economic and social benefits to the people of British Columbia and to operate the airport in the best interest of the region. During the consultation process of the YVR 2037 Master Plan, we heard from our business partners and community that they are supportive of our growth but want us to continue to address the implications of noise.  

At YVR, we are committed to being a leader in sustainability and a responsible neighbor. That means we undertake proactive efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations and have a comprehensive program to address noise.  

Noise Management Program

As part of our Ground Lease with the federal government, the Airport Authority is required to manage noise associated with airport operations within 10-nautical miles of the airport.

To address these requirements, we’ve developed a comprehensive noise management program to manage noise impacts from aircraft and airport operations. Core elements of our noise management program includes: a five-year Noise Management Plan; stakeholder engagement; maintaining noise abatement procedures; noise monitoring and flight tracking; and providing information to answer community questions and concerns. 

As a responsible neighbor, we ensure that YVR’s noise management program is proactive and transparent. We are committed to finding ways to minimize noise disturbances while balancing the need for safe, convenient 24-hour air travel.

Updating the Noise Management Plan

The Noise Management Plan is an integral part of advancing the goals and objectives of the Airport Authority. A new Plan is created every five years and contains initiatives and key focus areas to further manage noise from aircraft operations.

The current five-year Noise Management Plan (2019-2023) was approved by Transport Canada in February of 2019. The new plan identifies 12 key areas of work and helps guide noise management efforts over the next five years.

We have worked closely with members of the YVR Aeronautical Noise Management Committee to create the new plan. Membership on this committee includes citizen and City staff representatives, Musqueam, airlines, industry associations, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada and Vancouver Airport Authority.

Noise Management Plan – Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Effective long-term planning is essential to YVR’s future. As we work to develop the new Noise Management Plan, we are committed to engaging all stakeholders. We want to ensure the actions and areas of work identified can be undertaken in a sustainable manner and approached objectively, accounting for all points of view.

The community was invited to provide input into the process of creating the 2019-2023 Noise Management Plan through a community survey. This questionnaire collected input on various aspects of YVR’s Noise Management Program, activities of most concern and allowed the community to propose suggested mitigation measures for further consideration.

We have reviewed and evaluated the suggested measures to undertake based on the following criteria:

  • Impact on safety
  • Impact on airport or aircraft operations
  • Effects on emissions or GHG
  • Economic cost to industry
  • Noise impact on other communities or areas
  • Impact on current and future airport capacity
  • Alignment with the Airport Authority’s mandate to provide 24-hour air service for the region

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