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Our Environment

YVR strives to be a leader in environmental management. Our primary objective, stated in our Safety, Security and Environmental Policy, is to build, operate and maintain a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable airport for everyone.


Environmental excellence starts with a well-trained and motivated team. Vancouver International Airport is based on Sea Island and the Airport Authority works hard to ensure we consider the welfare of the whole Island in all areas of Sustainability. At YVR, we offer training and education programs for new employees, annual spill management training for the Emergency Response Service Team, a multiday Spill Prevention Information Booth for Sea Island employees and recurrent training on our noise management program.


YVR's 2015 Environmental Management Plan provides the framework for our environmental initiatives. The plan's four strategic priorities, outlined below, present ambitious goals and 2020 targets, based on 2012 baselines. These strategic priorities direct a wide range of initiatives and activities that drive our environmental work throughout the year.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Target: reduce Airport Authority emissions 33% by 2020.

2015: 74% hybrid taxi fleet; 15% increase in passengers using the Canada Line

Reduce Waste 

Target: divert 50% of YVR waste from landfill by 2020.

46% waste diversion rate in 2015

Reduce Potable Water Consumption

Target: reduce Sea Island potable water consumption 30% by 2020

7% reduction in potable water use in 2015

Improve Ecosystem Health 

Target: have zero storm water samples that contain more than 100 mg/l of glycol

0 water samples exceeding Canadian glycol guidelines in 2015

Download the full 2015 Sustainability Report for more information on Our Environmental initiatives and activities.

YVR Connects: 2015 Sustainability Report 15 MB
2015 Consolidated Financial Statements 2 MB
2015 Non-Consolidated Financial Statements 189 KB