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Our Community

As BC's airport, we are committed to serving our diverse communities. We accomplish this through a commitment to transparency, a willingness to engage and an outstanding team that embodies our corporate values: safety, teamwork accountability and innovation.


We appreciate our team’s diversity and the unique skills each person brings. The average length of employee service—10.5 years—speaks to a healthy and engaging environment. In 2015, we maintained an average five year voluntary turnover rate of under 3 per cent. And because of our efforts in 2015 and prior years, we were once again selected as one of BC’s Top Employers—for the ninth year in a row—and received the Dream Employers of BC award from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.


Health and safety are foundational to our team. In 2015, we promoted health initiatives, conducted training exercises—and received zero health and safety non-compliances.

YVR’s integrated Safety, Security and Environment Policy provides the framework for our health and safety management system. This system is structured on the Certificate of Recognition program and on the Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001 standard. Our joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee—comprised equally of men and women and management and bargaining unit members from across departments—identifies and resolves safety and health issues and is a recommending body working to resolve issues through consensus. Health and safety is applicable across the organization, regardless of which office or location at the airport. Specific targets are set for health and wellness performance including no loss time, zero non-compliance, training and attendance.


The Airport Authority strives to have a vibrant workforce. We comply with the Employment Equity Act to ensure fair employment practices across our organization and regularly indentify areas for improvement through voluntary surveys, workshops, audits and interviews. We also conduct a number of initiatives that promote respect and equality.


As a community-based organization, our success hinges on our connection to the people we serve. In 2015 we grew our connections, strengthening relationships and forging new opportunities. We attended 72 community event days across BC and ensured that timely information about our activities reached the right people. 

$928,279 donated to community organizations in 2015

Download the full 2015 Sustainability Report for more information on Our Community activities in 2015

YVR Connects: 2015 Sustainability Report 15 MB
2015 Consolidated Financial Statements 2 MB
2015 Non-Consolidated Financial Statements 189 KB