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Facts and Stats

Looking for information on YVR? This page contains up-to-date facts and stats—from passenger numbers to airport features and aircraft movements.

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April 2018
  • 2.0M Total enplaned and deplaned passengers
  • 25,770 Total cargo movements (tonnes)
April 2018
  • 23,126 Total aircraft runway movements
  • 3,256 Total non runway (floatplane,charter and helicopter) movements

Passenger, aircraft and cargo movement reports

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Fast Facts

YVR Airport App

Whether it's the status of your flight, the closest bathroom to your gate or even the whereabouts of your favourite cup of java, there's an app to help you find just that at YVR.

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Since 1992, providing universal access has been a top priority in every expansion and new building project at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Today, YVR is considered one of the most accessible airports in the world.

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Art and Architecture

For many visitors, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) provides the first and last impression of British Columbia with art and architecture reflective of the province’s diverse landscape and people. YVR currently houses the largest collection of Northwest Coast Native art in the world.

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Vancouver International Airport is home to two satellite Vancouver Aquarium Marine Exhibits – a 114,000-litre main aquarium and a smaller 1,800-litre jellyfish aquarium – that house a rich collection of marine life native to British Columbia.

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Ground Run-up Enclosure

Vancouver Airport Authority announced details of Canada’s first Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE), a state-of-the-art facility designed to minimize noise from engine run-ups that are conducted as part of regular aircraft maintenance work.

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Snow Preparedness

Maintaining a safe and secure airfield for aircraft and passengers is the focus of everything we do at Vancouver International Airport, including Vancouver Airport Authority’s snow response program.

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