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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

YVR works with employees, business partners and communities to reduce vehicle, building and aircraft emissions. We promote alternative transportation to and from YVR, keep airport infrastructure updated and raise awareness of clean air practices.

As outlined in our Environmental Management Plan, we're working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 33 per cent by 2020. Our efforts include:

  • Conducting our own emissions inventory
  • Building and promoting the Canada Line
  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations
  • Opening a cell phone waiting lot
  • Building more than 7 km of new bicycle lanes on Sea Island since 2011
  • Launching a green commuter program for employees
  • Introducing hybrid, electric and right-sized equipment to improve vehicle fleet efficiency
  • Offering discounted licensing fees to taxi drivers who operate an efficient vehicle

YVR became carbon accredited through Airports Council International (ACI) and its Carbon Accreditation program in 2016. YVR entered the program at a Reduction Level 2 accreditation, due to our strong efforts in measuring our carbon footprint and making significant steps towards reducing emissions each year.

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