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How We Give

We are committed to supporting our community. Our consideration of support is based on three focus areas: Acessibility, Community and Environment.

Caring Beyond, Every Day.

Our community investment program's theme is Caring Beyond, Every Day. We look for ways to fund organizations that have an innovative approach to creating community programs in our three focus areas. We will look at all applications and determine their alignment with YVR's values, mission and vision along with our theme and pillars. In 2018, we will invest one million dollars in support of our community.

Our three pillars of community investment are:


As a place of welcome, we are committed to providing all travellers with universal access. Inclusivity and accessibility are at the core of our business. We will give priority to programs supporting advancements in universal access that benefit our local community. This includes:

  • Inclusivity
  • Universal access
  • Access to opportunity
Canucks Autism Network

Over the last three years, YVR has worked closely with our partners at Canucks Autism Network to create accessibility tools for families living with autism. The use of these tools helps children to better plan for what to expect when they travel through the airport. This culminated at our YVR Accessibility Tour: Autism, where families had the chance to have a travel rehearsal. Since we began our partnership we've had over 300 participants take part in this travel experience.


We are a community-based organization. We are home to 23,600 employees and are BC's primary gateway airport. We support programs that empower communities, big and small throughout Metro Vancouver and beyond. Funding will be prioritized for initiatives focused on:

  • First Nations (focus on art, culture and heritage)
  • Aviation
  • Community building initiatives
Quest Food Exchange

Our partnership with Quest Food Exchange helps their goal to reduce hunger in the community and our goal to reduce waste at YVR. As Quest's official transportation sponsor, we help with the collection and distribution of surplus foods and goods. Since our partnership began in 2011, employees have donated almost 110,000 volunteer hours, more than 3 million pounds of quality surplus food and products were diverted from landfills and $32,767,249 in food and products were donated.


It is our goal to be a leader in sustainability. We strive to build partnerships with like-minded organizations with a mission and mandate to better our environment and green community initiatives. Funding under this pillar is prioritized for initiatives focused on:

  • Reduction of emissions, waste and water consumption
  • Ecosystem health
  • Education and stewardship
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is one of the largest direct action conservation programs in Canada. As a Provincial sponsor of this cleanup, we host the kick-off event at Iona Beach every September. Since our partnership began in 2012, our cleanup has collected 2,574 kg of trash on Iona Beach alone.

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