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YVR 2037 Master Plan

YVR 2037 is a multi-year planning and consultation process that is an integral part of creating YVR’s new Master Plan, a roadmap that helps guide us to our future destination.

The Master Plan looks forward to the future and creates a 20-year plan (to 2037) that will ensure the best use of YVR’s fundamental resource – land.  We update our Master Plan every 10 years.  The Master Plan helps outline:

  • How growth in passenger, aircraft and cargo volumes will be accommodated
  • How the needs of stakeholders and the communities we serve will be met in the future
  • How our longer-term viability will be supported
  • How our key strategic objectives will be achieved

We are working towards building a world class, sustainable airport and currently in the final phase of a 4 stage consultation program. We will share the final YVR 2037 Master Plan following the Minister of Transport's approval.

To learn more about YVR 2037, including how to get involved and how to provide feedback, please visit or email

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