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YVR Playlist: Track 2 - Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly was released in 1991 on the immensely popular Into the Great Wide Open album. The song was a huge hit, reaching #1 on the U.S. Billboard Rock charts and staying there for six weeks. It was later released as a single and is still featured heavily on radio station rotations to this day.

The song's deeper meaning has been speculated upon, but Tom Petty himself said that the lyrics came to him when he saw an interview with a pilot who said that the flying bit was easy, the landing was the hardest part. I thought the waiting was the hardest part, Tom...

In any case, the music video (above) has great shots of an old aircraft boneyard interspersed with some childhood moments marking the cultural touchstones of Petty's generation.

The lyrics speak to the traveller who is a bit apprehensive about their upcoming journey, but needs to take the plunge and 'learn to fly' towards new and exciting experiences.

Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I've started out, for God knows where
I guess I'll know when I get there

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