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Top Seven Things Most People Only do When Travelling

1. Wear pyjamas in public

That 15-hour flight to Sydney (the longest direct flight from YVR) will be all the more bearable if dressed comfortably, but some people take this notion to the extreme and rock head-to-toe sleepwear onboard. Long-haul flights can be tough, so ensuring the flight will be spent in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is understandable. But you might want to pack a pair of proper pants for when you arrive at your destination.

2. Sprint in heels

We do not recommend going full Donovan Bailey in your pumps, but try telling that to somebody who just heard their final boarding call and is a few gates away. I bet world records have been shattered by passengers running a bit behind for their flight. Concourse cardio can be dangerous, so it’s best to arrive extra early for your flight if at all possible and avoid the 100-yard gate dash.

3. Sleep in public

Sometimes you've been travelling for a loooong time and you need to catch a nap before your connecting flight. Or maybe you’re exhausted after  waking up for an early morning departure. Either way, getting horizontal on an airport bench is almost exclusively something done while in transit, or if you’re Tom Hanks in The Terminal and you live at JFK. NOTE: If you are alone, please keep belongings secure, or utilize our baggage storage service if catching a few zzzzs at YVR.

4. Use a neck pillow

One of the most commonly lost or abandoned items at YVR, the neck pillow is used almost exclusively for sleeping while sitting upright. A rolled-up towel will also work in a pinch. The neck pillow is certainly preferable to both the belt method and to waking up on your seat-mate’s shoulder – particularly if you don’t know your seat-mate. (P.S. The number one item returned to YVR’s Lost & Found? Eye glasses.)

5. Read a trashy novel

Even the snobbiest of literature lovers can succumb to the lure of the paperback bestseller rack for some pre-board/in-flight entertainment. Personally, I go for thrillers with extra-big font and a new chapter every two pages. 

6. Chat up a complete stranger

A recent poll by TripAdvisor revealed (somewhat surprisingly) that the majority of travellers would prefer to engage their seat mate in a little in-flight conversation. Personally, I like to at least introduce myself to the person I will be flying beside. If we’ll be spending the next three to 15 hours within inches of one another, I wouldn't mind saying hello first. In everyday life, chatting up somebody you don't know is becoming increasingly rare, but step onboard an airplane and it becomes the norm.

7. Sport a fanny pack

Once a fashion staple, these front-loading storage units are trotted out by many exclusively for use on vacation. The satchel is now a popular alternative for fashion-conscious travellers, but it’s hard to argue with the fanny pack’s ease of use. Embrace the hands-free factor on your next trip. You may even start a fanny pack renaissance. 

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