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Tips on How to Pack if You're Travelling, to the Future

The furthest you can travel today on a scheduled commercial flight is about a third of the way around the planet. That’s about 13,000 kilometres. But plans are already in the works for tourist travel to space, which leads to the next logical step: time travel, obviously. Who knows? Maybe in the year 2096, you will be able to catch a flight at YVR and instead of taking off to Toronto, Palm Springs or Reykjavik you can travel to a few years down the road, see how future you is doing and grab a cocktail in New New Westminster.

But what to bring? Packing correctly is challenging enough when I'm crossing the pond, let alone the space-time continuum! A few handy tips for when first class to the future becomes a reality:

  • Bug spray - You think the mosquitos up North are bad in the summer now? Try cruising down the Fraser in second summer in a couple of centuries.
  • Sunglasses - Not only are they useful on the green sand beaches of Old Vancouver, but when you’re travelling beyond the speed of light, shades might come in handy. 
  • Phone charger - So you can phone home. Or, you know, maybe help a friend phone home if necessary.
  • Copies of Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Minority Report, Star Trek and The Fifth Element – Bring VHS copies (back as the favoured medium- who knew?) to see which post-apocolyptic/futuristic film had it right.
  • Playing cards - Even in the future, you will need to pass the time while waiting for your hotel space shuttle.
  • Water bottle - If security screening of the future permits, I suggest filling it with H20.
  • Crocs - You never know, they could finally be back in style! Or used as currency.
  • Warm jacket and swimsuit - The future could be a tropical paradise or a cold, desolate wasteland. Best be prepared for both outcomes!
  • The musical anthology of The Barenaked Ladies - Their unique blend of lighthearted rock and thoughtful lyrics are timeless.
  • Toothbrush – This is an essential, unless you plan on camping in the future, in which case toothpaste and your finger are sufficient.
  • Proper identification – You wouldn't want future you trying to pull the old switcheroo!
  • Socks – Past, present or future, you can never have enough fresh pairs of socks on the road.

Whether you're heading down a wormhole or whisking away to Waikiki, packing properly is essential to enjoying any vacation, business or pleasure. So if/when vacationing to the near future becomes a viable option, make sure to check back here and ensure you're prepared.

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