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Q&A with Vino Volo's YVR GM

Vino Volo opened its first Canadian locations at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in November, 2012.  In the United States, Vino Volo is known for its fine wine line-up and tapas-style food, but in Vancouver they’ve added a touch of Canadiana to their offerings. So we sat down with the General Manager, Susan Magen, to find out a bit more about the two locations at YVR.

Q. Vino Volo is first and foremost about wine.  What makes the wine special?

A. Each Vino Volo location offers four core flights: World Value Reds, California Kings, Shades of White and Sommelier Series.  However, the wines that appear in the flights are all sourced locally and changed seasonally, so that means a strong selection of B.C. wines.

Q. What else makes your two YVR locations unique?

A. We know that Canadians love their beer so we’re proud to pour three excellent craft beers.  This is the first time Vino Volo has poured beer in any of its locations.  The addition of beer has enticed employees, skiers waiting for the coach to Whistler, meeters-and-greeters and travellers to sip one of Canada’s favourite beverages.

Q. Tell us about some of your favourite pairings.

A. The Salmon Rolls are one of Vino Volo’s most popular food choices in all locations, and Vancouver is no exception.  Because the salmon has such a strong flavor, I like pairing it with a Pinot Noir or Syrah to bring out the smokiness.  Most people choose a white with fish, so a red pairing is unexpected.

The Phillips Hop Circle IPA is hop, hop, hop, hoppy.  Expect it to be bitter.  It’s an ideal pairing with our charcuterie plate because the hoppiness of the IPA cuts through the richness of the meats.

Come meet Susan and her team while you sip or snack at one of Vino Volo’s two YVR locations: before security on International Arrivals (Level 2), and after security in the U.S. Departures area.

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