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Precious Cargo

Every year millions of passengers travel through YVR, but there is also a huge amount of cargo that is transported through the airport on an annual basis. How huge?

Try 227,000 tonnes in 2012. Not pounds. Not kilograms. Tonnes. That's up just slightly from about 223,000 tonnes in 2011.

It's hard to wrap your brain around just how heavy that is, so we've created a handy visual guide to better understand just how much cargo we're talking about.

 227,000 tonnes


2 Fully-loaded Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers 

(More than 100,000 tonnes each)

Does that really help though? Aircraft carriers are still too gigantic to fathom. Let's try something a little more manageable. How about a 747? Most of us have been on one of those or at least seen one in person.

 227,000 tonnes

520 Fully-loaded Boeing 747 Aircraft

(approximately 435 tonnes each)

Let's go smaller. How about a blue whale? Blue whales are the largest living creatures on the planet but still weigh about 1/4 of a 747.

227,000 tonnes


2,270 Blue Whales

(approximately 100 tonnes each)

Every year, thousands of tonnes of cargo moves in and out of Vancouver International Airport. Looking to know more about the wonderful world of numbers? While it doesn't have comparisons to aircraft carriers, check out our Facts and Stats page for more about YVR.

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