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New Baggage Carts Arrive at YVR

The new and improved 2014 YVR Baggage Carts rolled out at Vancouver International Airport today with a fleet of 3,000 carts. Along with major upgrades to design and functionality, the carts are, most importantly, still free of charge for passengers and available terminal-wide. 

Besides featuring a sleek, upright, ergonomic design, the 2014 Baggage Carts offer the following improvements over our old stalwart carts: 

  • The new YVR Baggage Carts are 9 kg lighter 
  •  The wheels are made of a dual composite rubber for better grip and durability
  •  The new carts have improved safety features with a new handbrake
  •  The precision bearings make for better manoeuvrability
The next time you're visiting YVR, come test drive our new carts and let us know what you think of the new design and improved features.



  • Haythem wrote on Aug 13 2014 AT 12:20 PM

    Looks just like the ones at VHHH. With some exceptions to the baggage storage area of course. I like! (Y) Especially with the brakes, some people might not be used to that but I'm sure a majority of individuals who travel to and from VHH will feel right at home using these.
  • Heinrich L wrote on Aug 30 2014 AT 11:29 AM

    Glad to see that there more new baggage cart available in YVR International.  While came back to Vancouver from overseas early this past March on Sunday, surprisingly there were no baggage cart available.  I asked the porter where could I find one.  They told me there was none and they asked for $10 service charge to carry my two pieces of luggage.

    Hope that there would be sufficient baggage carts available in the Arrival Area.

  • mawestpac wrote on Sep 02 2014 AT 6:49 AM

    Whs is sharing cost of these carts including repair cost. There is a company "Smart Cart in Chicago O'Hare and Midway, unlikely, City of Chicago DOA will terminate contract with them introducing free of charge of the cart. It will increase cost of landing fee as well as facility fee.
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