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Monday Aviation Mash-up

We take a look at some stories and events for the week ahead and behind in the world of aviation in our Monday Aviation Mash-up. You'll find links to interesting articles, some fun photos and of course a fair share of YVR news.

Lots of aviation tech stories coming out of the Paris Air Show. Electric taxiing has a lot positive implications for airlines and passengers alike. From Wired.

Today in Aviation History: The first airmail flight in Canada flew from Montreal to Toronto. More details at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum site.

The two new big boards are up in Domestic Departures at YVR and are delivering accurate, up-to-the-minute flight information in sterling HD quality.



The Air Canada one was completed and operational at the beginning of last week. While the WestJet branded board (seen below) was finished over the weekend.



Sticking with WestJet, their Encore service launches today with new routes in Western Canada. There will now be daily service from YVR to YYJ in the new Q400s with WestJet. Fun photo album from one of their launch parties.

The picture below isn’t a lightning bolt, it’s a visual representation of flight paths along the Pacific Northwest coast. The top burst is YVR. Here is another one from the original website of the entire North America with a focus on the US. Very cool images.



Very cool story about an abandoned plane converted in to car. The story is in the link or you can view the video below. 



Coloured smoke lets you see the airflow pattern of an airplane’s wings.



Canadian Business Aviation Association Convention and Exhibition starts tomorrow in Vancouver and runs until June 27. Not too late to sign up. Lots of interesting keynote speakers for the aviation business enthusiasts out there. Their website can be viewed here.

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