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Getting to Know the 787 Dreamliner

With the February 3 arrival of the first scheduled Dreamliner at YVR, a new era has begun, as this revolutionary aircraft aims to change the way we fly. Some of the more well-known features of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner have already been documented here, including its fuel efficiency, quieter cabin and bigger windows.  But other, lesser-known features make this bird more amazing still.  Now that we've had a first-hand tour, here are some of the subtler ways in which the Dreamliner wows.

The interior of the aircraft is lit using LED lights, which mimic the sky and create a soothing onboard ambience. This feature is remarkable in and of itself, but Japan Airlines has taken it one step further and customized the lighting on its 787s to mimic the changing seasons and truly brand the aircraft's interior. Below, a summary taken from the airline's fact sheet:

  • March-April: We are at the dawn of spring and a time for cherry blossoms. The lighting color is named Sakura.
  • May-June: As weather gradually warms, we will welcome customers onboard with Wakaba – which literally means young leaf in Japanese.  This is the light green of new shoots pushing out of the ground
  • July-August: As the peak of summer arrives, to bring out the energy and a sense of anticipation and well-wishes, we will use Natsuzora, which also gives an impression of coolness in the heat of summer.
  • October-November:  We will connect customers back to nature and the traditional season of harvest. Color Minori reflects the gratitude and relaxation after a bountiful yield.
  • December: Winding down the year, we remember the traditions of Japan and the heart of its people with this color scheme call JAL Red, which is also symbolic for the start of a new year.

Other airlines might not mimic JAL's seasonal lighting motif, but they can customize the cabin experience to their brand as the lighting system allows you to create any colour on the spectrum.  

Additionally, the overhead bins on the Dreamliner are more spacious, which is great! Who wouldn't want a little more room for their carry-on, right? But Boeing didn't stop there. The latch that opens and closes the bins is universal, meaning it can be used from multiple directions. It might seem like a small thing, but at every opportunity to ease the passenger experience, the Dreamliner delivers. When you're getting off of a 12-hour flight, being able to open the overhead bin easily will seem so important.

And then there's the washrooms. Using the washroom on an aircraft can be a less-than-pleasant experience, and for those of us more than six feet tall, it can be downright daunting. The Dreamliner has tried to change all that. The one feature that stands out is the bathroom has a window, resulting in a far less claustrophobic experience. There is also the touchless toilet and automatically closing seat, reducing unpleasant odours and eliminating the need to ever make contact with the actual toilet or cover.

This is just a taste of the incredible features of the 787, but watch this space for more as we continue celebrating the Year of the Dreamliner. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more Dreamliner coverage.

Dreamliner Photo Gallery.

Aircraft of the Month Feature on Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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