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Fun Fact Friday: Y-shaped Structural Steel Beams Echo Tree Branches

Look up. Look waaaaayyyyyyyyyy up. The art and architectural features at YVR are all around you, even high up in the rafters.

Last week, we tweeted about the light fixtures that are meant to represent log jams on the Fraser River and blogged about the structural steel meant to replicate the hulls of boats. But there's even more architectural features that are representative of the natural beauty of British Columbia right above your head.

The massive Y-shaped support beams located throughout the International Terminal are meant to evoke the image of great towering Douglas Firs stretching their branches up to the skies. In fact, original designs called for the beams to be crafted out of wood!

So next time you're in the terminal, take a moment to gaze upwards and experience all the wonders the airport has to offer.



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  • Marissa wrote on Mar 13 2014 AT 6:38 AM

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