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Coming Soon: Larry Berg Park

Larry Berg Park renderingAt the Airport Authority’s recent Annual Public Meeting, Chair of the Board Mary Jordan recognized Larry Berg for his achievements as President and CEO over the last fifteen years.  As a lasting tribute to Larry’s work to help develop YVR into an award-winning international gateway, Flight Path Park will be enhanced and renamed Larry Berg Park: A Celebration of Flight. Flight Path Park is located along Russ Baker Way at the end of the South Runway. The park’s new features will include a central plaza, enhanced pathways and an elevated platform for plane-spotting enthusiasts.  An important community gathering place, the park will also celebrate YVR’s role in connecting people from all over the world with a central globe feature. Upgrades will begin in late June, when the park will be closed for construction. A grand opening is scheduled for Fall 2013, and details will be shared in upcoming editions of Air Mail. 

Larry Berg Park schematic


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  • BurkevilleMama wrote on Jun 11 2013 AT 9:17 PM

    I didn't realize Flight Path Park was going to be renamed as part of the process. Surely something like "McIvor Park" for Daniel McIvor, Mar water fire bomber and longtime Burkeville resident, who died in 2005 at age 93, would have been more appropriate tribute to rename the park?
  • John Langlands wrote on Jun 17 2013 AT 9:20 PM

    Any chance of having the plan-spotting space back at the North Runway (Templeton Ave). Much more popular than the south runway location but the space to plane spot seems to be being taken away. I heard a fear people would park free all day and use the Canada Line. Why not just have 2 hr parking.
    Can someone patrol to remove those people at the north runway parked in front of the no stopping sign at the emergency gate. No stopping is no stopping, and doesn't mean you can park/sit in your car.

    Thanks for all the efforts to let the plane spotters get a view.  The south terminal vantage poitn is excellent!. Thanks.
  • Marion wrote on Jun 20 2013 AT 4:42 PM

    I can't tell from the diagram but that looks like a lot of grass.   Which would probably attract a lot of geese.   I've done a lot of research on reducing the risk of bird strikes and if this is grass it's totally not the kind of landscaping you are supposed to have around an airport.   Am I missing something here....i can't believe you would build a park at an airport.  
  • Scott wrote on Jun 21 2013 AT 11:57 PM

    If you're going to name it after someone,  I suggest "Arnold Parlee" who has the distinction of more takeoffs and landings at YVR than anyone else.  

    Also, pretty much every pilot over a 40 year period in southwestern BC had Arnold as a flight instructor or flight examiner at some point.
  • Burkeville Resident wrote on Jun 28 2013 AT 3:27 PM

    I cam here to suggest McIvor too, and I didn't even know him. Naming it after the CEO of (only) 15 years is absolutely disgusting. The board should be ashamed of themselves and Mr. Berg should be embarrassed if he accepts this honour.
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