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Art Scholarships Aimed at Youth

Every year the YVR Art Foundation awards a number of $5,000 scholarships to emerging First Nations artists to help them towards their goals. The deadline for this year’s scholarship entries is fast approaching, but there is still time for aspiring artists who qualify to submit an application before the February 22nd cutoff.

Anybody interested in submitting should click here where they will find all the information needed to apply.

Five YVR Art Foundation scholarships were awarded in 2011 and the works of those recipients are on display throughout the terminal where millions of people can view them on their travels through YVR.

The piece pictured both above and below was created by one of last year’s winners, James Harry (also pictured below), and can be found at Gate 84 of the US Departures. He described the piece, entitled "From Sea to Sky" in an interview with like this:

“The sleek and modern totem I created out of steel incorporates Coast Salish iconography; the animals, the vivid forms and the flourishes evoke Coast Salish-territory, and celebrate the vibrancy of Coastal Native people.”

The scholarship program reflects the YVR Art Foundation's goal to help develop the potential of young BC First Nations artists. The scholarship funding supports the artist to study with a mentor or at an institution developing their skill,and creating a piece new piece of original art. The new work is then displayed at YVR for a year where it can be viewed by a global audience.

Unlike other scholarships, the winner of the YVR Art Foundation scholarship doesn’t just get a cheque, they embark on a year-long adventure where they are brought to Vancouver to tour Airport Authority's permanent collection, meet their sponsor, attend an awards and recognition reception and then return a year later to showcase the new work they've created. The scholarship experience is hopefully their first step in the journey to becoming a professional artist.

The YVR Art Foundations was established in 1994 and has awarded more than $200,000 to aspiring artists.

Again, anybody who wishes to apply can do so here, or find out more here. Good luck to all applicants!

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  • Roanna Goudreau wrote on Feb 15 2013 AT 10:10 PM

    I'm a film student and I'm looking to film a music video. I'd like to be able to film at the airport. Is there someone I can talk to? And I am also first nations. (From the Saddle Lake Band in Alberta)
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