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A-B Connector Project Video Series - Intro

The A and B piers have been servicing domestic carriers for decades at YVR, and now it's time to revamp these sections of the aiport to meet the growing needs of our passengers and airline partners. The A-B Connector Project is one of YVR's biggest projects ever and will see the complete overhaul of the area to feature faster connection processes, upgraded baggage systems, expanded gates and improved amenities and retail services.

The journey won't be a short one, which is why we want you to follow along with A-B Connector Project Video Series. The short videos will chronicle the significant changes being made and touch on demolition, architecture, construction milestones and lots more. Come along for the ride as we break ground, crush steel, and build something special at YVR.

To learn more about improvements being made at YVR you can visit our Building a Better Airport page.

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  • Jerry P wrote on Sep 12 2013 AT 8:54 PM


    I look forward to the new piers.
    If the same standard used in the International pier expansion is applied..Look out world... we may not only have the best airport in NOrth America but in the western world! =)

    I think I can deal with that...and have a coffee when it is all done.

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