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EMP Shoreline cleanup

The Airport Authority’s environmental department is looking for public feedback as it updates two of its key plans this year.  Both the Environmental Management Plan and the Noise Management Plan help guide the Airport Authority’s main objective to build, operate and maintain a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable airport for employees and customers alike.

An online survey is available on the Environment page of our website. Results gathered from surveys will help shape the new five-year Environmental and Noise Management plans.

In April, the environment department will present its findings to the two multi-stakeholder committees that help oversee and review the Airport Authority’s environmental performance.  The Environmental Advisory Committee represents diverse interests including community and environmental groups, industry, government and the Musqueam Indian Band and will provide feedback on the Environmental Management Plan.  The Aeronautical Noise Management Committee, comprised of citizen representatives, municipal government, the Musqueam Indian Band, airlines, NAV CANADA and Transport Canada will oversee development of the Noise Management Plan.

During the late spring and summer, the Airport Authority will incorporate feedback into draft reports.  Final plans will outline the Airport Authority’s direction for environmental and noise management initiatives between 2014 and 2018.

More information on these plans and the Airport Authority’s approach to sustainability can be found in the Community & Environment section of our website.

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