Precious Cargo, by the Numbers


Every year, millions of passengers travel through YVR. But a less visible - but equally important - part of our business is the huge amount of cargo shipped out of YVR annually. How huge?
227,000 tonnes in 2012. Not pounds. Not kilograms. Tonnes. That's up just slightly from approximately 223,000 tonnes in 2011.

Because standalone numbers only say so much, we have created a handy visual guide to better understand just how much cargo travels through YVR every year.

227,000 tonnes

2 Fully-loaded Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers
(More than 100,000 tonnes each)



227,000 tonnes

520 Fully-loaded Boeing 747 Aircraft
(Approximately 435 tonnes each)

227,000 tonnes
2,270 Blue Whales
(Approximately 100 tonnes each)

That's a lot of cargo. For more fun with numbers go to our stats and facts page. 

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