Air Canada's Cargo Champions Win Big

Cargo competitionEver wondered what it takes to excel at safe and efficient cargo transportation?  The Air Canada Cargo team proved they had these skills and more when they entered the 7th Annual International Forklift and Pallet Building competition for the first time - and won.

The team consisted of station attendants Zenabe “George” Gushish, Callum “Gump” McDonald, Warren Reimer and lead station attendant Mike Waller.  The team is based out of Vancouver and has worked together in Vancouver Cargo for more than 10 years. They travelled to Hong Kong to showcase their first-class safety awareness and technical prowess.

The team won the Precision Forklift Driving competition, which focused on safety awareness and technical handling of cargo. Drivers were required to collect items of cargo and manoeuver a congested course.  The team also earned second runner-up standing in the pallet-building competition, which required teams to build a contoured lower-deck winged pallet following strict rules. Scores were based on build time, build quality and load distribution.

Congratulations to the Air Canada Cargo Vancouver team, for its contribution to safe and secure operations at YVR.  

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