YVR Marks Canada Day

YVR celebrated the maple leaf and all things Canada earlier this month as part of the annual Steveston Salmon Festival Parade on July 1 – Canada Day.

A team of staff, volunteer Green Coats, family and friends represented Canada’s second busiest airport when they took to the street with an Oshkosh Striker 3000 firefighting truck, usually confined to YVR’s airfield, to greet visitors and hand out safety reflective stickers.

The parade entry provided the rare opportunity for the public to see one of YVR’s unique airfield fire-fighting emergency trucks up close. Children young and old were impressed by its look, design and the splash it made when drivers released the air pressure to spray water on the road.

The Oshkosh Striker 3000 is just one component of YVR’s emergency-vehicle fleet, which includes six crash-fire rescue trucks that carry 3,000 gallons of water and foam each, one rescue truck and one command vehicle.


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