Major Projects Set to Take Off at YVR

Architect’s vision of a revitalized Domestic Terminal Pier A/B

Updates to the original 1968 areas of the Domestic Terminal, secure corridors, moving walkways and new high-speed baggage systems are just a few ways that YVR plans to keep a competitive edge as it looks ahead to the next 10 years. The Airport Authority will invest $1.8 billion in the next decade to ensure YVR stays ahead of the competition and improves the customer experience.

Top goals for the next decade are to decrease connection times between international and domestic flights, making it easier for both travellers and their baggage to move through the airport. New high-speed baggage systems will cut connection times by getting bags from one aircraft to the next more quickly than they do today. The Airport Authority is also working with Canada Border Services Agency toward a dedicated border inspection facility and more secure corridors and moving walkways to help cut traveller wait times in between flights.

The Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) will help fund these and other projects, which also include runway safety improvements and road and other infrastructure upgrades. The AIF will increase from $15 to $20 beginning May 1, 2012 for travellers heading to destinations outside of B.C. Travellers heading to destinations within the province and to the Yukon will continue to pay $5. Every penny of the AIF goes towards building a better airport for B.C.

YVR employs 23,600 people, is home to 400 businesses and generates $1.9 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) for the Canadian economy. The Airport Authority is working to attract new routes and carriers to YVR so it remains competitive and an economic generator for B.C.

Since it was introduced in 1993, the AIF has helped build a new International Terminal, new runway, roads and bridges, airfield safety improvements and the Sea Island portion of the Canada Line.

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