Beat Nation – Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture

Traditional and contemporary arts come together at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s exciting new exhibit called Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture which runs February 25 – June 3, 2012.

Vancouver Airport Authority is proud to sponsor this innovative exhibit and support emerging First Nation artists as they remix, mash-up and juxtapose the old and the new, the rural and the urban, as means to re-discover and re-interpret Aboriginal culture within the shifting terrains of the mainstream.

While Beat Nation takes its starting point from hip hop, it branches out to include artists who use pop culture, graffiti, fashion and other symbols of urban life in combination with more traditional forms of Aboriginal identity.  Artists create unique cultural hybrids that include graffiti murals with Haida figures, sculptures carved on skateboard decks, abstract paintings with form-line design and hip hop performances in Aboriginal languages to name a few.  While focused on artists working along the West Coast, Beat Nation brings together artists from across the Americas and reveals shared connections between those working in vastly different places.

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