YVR Olympic Legacy Lives On

A made-at-YVR innovation created during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games is leaving a lasting legacy both locally and internationally.

The Richmond company responsible for fabricating custom baggage carts to handle skis and other oversized equipment at YVR during the 2010 Games has been commissioned to replicate the carts for use during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Newconcept Industries Ltd. has already shipped 22 of the oversized carts – dubbed “Sky Carts” by Sochi officials – to the Sochi International Airport, and is hopeful that a larger order may follow in the coming months. In fact, the company is optimistic that the international spotlight shone upon YVR during the 2010 Games will earn it further business opportunities in airports and ski resorts worldwide.

It was less than two years ago when Matthew Levesque, a maintenance manager at YVR, witnessed skiers struggling with airport luggage carts and identified a problem that would only be magnified during the 2010 Games: luggage carts are not designed for ski/snowboard and equipment bags – let alone six of seven of them at one time.

Without a suitable cart currently offered in the marketplace, Levesque took the lead on creating one, and engaged Newconcept Industries to help out.

The result? A heavy checker plate base that sits on six casters and has a variety of attachments designed to securely hold items including skis and snowboards, in addition to luggage and boxes. Vancouver International Airport utilized 160 of the carts during the 2010 Games to move athletes quickly and efficiently throughout the terminal, and continues to do so today in its day-to-day operations.

The Sochi deal is the first international transaction for Newconcept Industries, a full-service, 12-person machine shop that produces products for a variety of sectors in the Lower Mainland.

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