The Storytelling Continues with Live@YVR

Fans of the affable Jaeger Mah and his unique stories about Vancouver International Airport (YVR) need not worry now that his 80 days of living at the airport fulltime are complete. The 29-year-old Port Alberni native turned Live@YVR storyteller will continue to share the unique, unknown and interesting stories of Canada’s second busiest airport at

Mah has agreed to visit YVR every few weeks to continue uncovering stories of the airport and sharing them with the world. 

Vancouver Airport Authority launched Live@YVR this summer to coincide with its 80th anniversary celebrations. The assignment? To live at YVR for 80 days and share the stories of the airport and its Sea Island home via www.liveatyvrFacebook and Twitter.

Mah’s assignment officially ended November 4, when he was presented with a commemorative Green Coat volunteer jacket and farewell video. Over the course of his 80-day assignment, Jaeger produced 52 feature stories, wrote 34 blogs and engaged in countless online conversations via Facebook and Twitter.

Equipped with a camera and editing equipment, Jaeger covered weddings, checked runways for Foreign Object Debris (FOD), loaded cargo, visited the control tower, learned how to clean the airport, and more – all the while embracing the Sea Island community.

While fans flocked to to view his stories so, too, did the media. Outlets from across the province, country and globe checked in with Jaeger, including CNN The Airport Channel, MSNBC TV and, U Magazine (Hong Kong), BBC Radio, CBC The National and CTV National.



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