Following Jaeger's Journey at YVR

Live@YVR storyteller Jaeger Mah is three-quarters of the way through his 80-day stay at Vancouver International Airport. He’s covered countless stories, from the airport’s “Mr. Baggage Cart Wrangler” to the mating Wolf Eels that live in an International Terminal aquarium. And he’s learned a lot.

Below are our Top 10 Did You Know facts, courtesy of Live@YVR.

10. During peak travel season, YVR has 23 to 26 people working per day to “wrangle” the airport’s carts.

9.  Every year, more than 150,000 cruise-ship passengers pass through the gates at YVR (and they’re usually in good moods, according to Jaeger).

8.  YVR conducts a visual check of its runways every six hours to ensure the runway remains free of foreign object debris (FOD).

7.  The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel expects to yield a whopping 5,000 pounds of honey in 2011 from its very own beehives, located within minutes of the hotel.

6.  Sea Island Elementary School, now home to 50 Richmond students, started as a two-room ‘shack’ until 1940, when Boeing built a massive factory on Sea Island.

5.  It takes an average of 8-10 minutes for your baggage to travel from the check-in counter to the loading pier, where it’s then placed into containers and brought to the plane.

4.  After security in the International Terminal is an 114,000-litre salt water aquarium that contains “pretty much every living creature one would find in the coastal waters of British Columbia.”

3.  It’s hard to find something open 24/7, 365 days a year. YVR is… and so is the BC Visitors Centre at International Arrivals, Level 2.

2.  CATSA has a process set up whereby it turns over items voluntarily abandoned at screening points to the YVR Chaplaincy, which sells the items at its thrift store and uses the money for charitable purposes.

1.  More than 45,000 tonnes of commercial cargo leaves YVR en route to Asia each year. That’s 50 per cent of YVR’s total international cargo.

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