President's Perspective: August

On July 22 and 23, Vancouver International Airport opened its doors to the public to celebrate 80 memorable years. In 1931, the newly opened airport at the south side of Sea Island welcomed just over a thousand passengers—and it has been keeping B.C. connected to the world ever since. Several terminal buildings and a few runways later, YVR is Canada’s second largest airport, serving 16.8 million passengers in 2010.

Through open houses and our popular school program, we stay in touch with our community and hope to give the public a more in-depth look at what happens at an international airport. In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we have now gone one step further, and are inviting a storyteller to come live at our airport for 80 days and nights. The Live@YVR contest has been a tremendous success, with over 96 videos entered by a wide variety of videographers and bloggers—all hoping to report from behind the scenes at YVR starting on August 17. A panel of judges selected five finalists, and now it’s up to the people of British Columbia to determine who they’d like to vote onto Sea Island for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With more than 23,600 people employed on Sea Island and nearly 400 businesses, YVR is a small city with no shortage of compelling stories. We are looking forward to the storyteller being embedded in work crews, interviewing businesses owners, sampling airline cuisine and getting to know our Sea Island community. I encourage you to watch our channel and follow the life of our storyteller as he or she lives out 80 days at YVR.

Thank you for celebrating with us…and for 80 great years. We look forward to the next 80.

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