YVR Welcomes Canada’s First All-Freight Cargo Service to Mainland China

YVR’s newest airline, China Southern, has been very busy this summer; its passenger service to Guangzhou launched on June 15, and now, the airline is operating Canada’s first all-freight cargo service to Shanghai. 

The airline will operate a Boeing 777-200F freighter with a whopping110 tonnes of capacity four times per week. For B.C. businesses with perishable goods that are in high demand – locally-grown berries, and crab, salmon and other seafood, for example – this new scheduled service offers unprecedented access to the growing Chinese market, where these products command a high market price.

Freight is usually shipped in the cargo hold of passenger aircraft, but China Southern’s all-freighter flight uses both the main deck and cargo hold – meaning that there is more space for larger goods, such as machinery, engineering equipment and generators.

Businesses beyond B.C.’s borders could also benefit from the new route: YVR’s prime location on the Pacific Rim, combined with access to North America’s railway and highway systems, makes the service a good option for shipping goods quickly to China from other parts of the continent.

Cargo is already big business at YVR: the sector employs 3,300 people in more than 100 businesses on Sea Island.In 2010, the airport facilitated shipment of 228,000 tonnes of cargo, with an impressive combined value of C$10 billion.

So when you eat some locally-grown blueberries this summer, think of those enjoying a taste of B.C. across the Pacific, thanks to this important cargo connection.


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