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Global Risk Management

As YVR becomes increasingly interconnected to countries around the world through our marketing, air service development and innovative technology efforts, we recognize the need to understand and mitigate risks associated with new global opportunities. We developed a scalable and sustainable Global Risk Management Program to help protect the critical elements of YVR’s global activities—our people, our assets, our operations and our business reputation—in accordance with prevailing political, security, integrity and other key risks. The Global Risk Management Program provides a due diligence framework from which we assess potential international business activities, including weighing such opportunities against a risk assessment by country. A regularly updated matrix now informs new opportunities based on geopolitical and related risks. YVR also developed an Anti-Corruption Policy to govern its business activities at home and abroad, and organized workshops in 2017 to train its management team on the new policy. Additionally, in order to ensure our staff travelling for work are as supported as if they were in the office, we created a Global Crisis Management Strategy. The plan is intended to facilitate an appropriate response should a team member find themselves in a global or personal crisis while away on business travel. A standard operating procedure outlines the notification and response tactics and identifies different triggers for escalation. The Global Risk Management program also offers immediate travel SOS service for employees travelling on company business.

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