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Safety, Security and Environment Policy

Our Safety, Security and Environment Policy serves as a reminder to each employee that we are all individually responsible to report hazards and to always look for ways to improve our programs and processes—especially regarding safety, security and environmental performance. This Policy plays an important role in YVR’s Social Management System. Each member of our Executive Team has signed the Policy, which is available externally in YVR’s Environmental Management Plan.

Vancouver Airport Authority is committed to excellence in safety, security and environmental management. Our primary objective is to build, operate and maintain a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable airport for our employees, stakeholders and customers.

Our commitment is delivered through a collaborative approach with continuous review and improvement of our operating performance, processes and procedures. Our safety, security and environmental programs are driven and supported by our Executive Team working together with our strong, flexible and capable team of professional employees.

The Executive Team will lead our efforts to:

  • Meet all applicable safety, security and environmental laws and regulations
  • Train and educate our employees and allocate sufficient resources in support of safety, security and environmental excellence
  • Set specific measurable goals for safety, security and environmental performance and regularly report on these results
  • Promote transparency and accountability through a culture whereby employees and stakeholders can
  • Voluntarily self-report any acts, deficiencies, hazards, incidents or occurrences that threaten safety, security or the environment; and
  • Actively and collaboratively identify, seek out, report, analyze and rectify hazards in order to prevent or mitigate re-occurrence and maintain a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable airport.

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