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Women in Management

Achieving gender equity at all levels of the organization remains an important commitment. At the end of December 2017, women accounted for 40 per cent of our management team and 44 per cent of the officers of the Executive Team. In 2017, women accounted for 38 per cent of the Board, including the Chair.

Since 2014, Vancouver Airport Authority has sponsored the Women in Management program—an initiative that promotes and supports the advancement of women in the workplace. In 2017, we held bi-annual meetings for the program on intercultural approaches to gender literacy and unconventional career paths for women. We have sponsored women’s coaching circles since 2014 and at present the majority of women in management participate, with 11 senior leaders sponsoring five coaching circles.

Based on feedback received from participants in the Women in Management program, a pilot Coaching Circle for women in non-management roles began in 2017. In addition to the 11 Coaches, there are 24 participants taking part in five rotating Coaching Circles with all women senior leaders. Topics range from achieving work-life balance to reducing barriers in non-traditional career paths for women. The pilot program also serves to create a network of women supporting women at all levels of the organization.

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