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Employee Feedback

We value our employees and encourage feedback through our bi-annual employee survey, all-employee meetings, coaching and performance discussions, the corporate intranet and more. We held three rounds of all-employee meetings in 2017, where employees had an opportunity to learn about what’s happening in the organization and provide immediate feedback. We recognized that 2017 was a demanding year, resulting in an average attendance at our all-employee meetings of 64 per cent, and to better facilitate our employees’ schedules we produced a video for the final round of all-employee meetings. We posted the video on the corporate intranet and had multiple presenters that updated viewers on current events around the airport. In addition, we held three all-management meetings.

Engagement Survey

Every two years, we conduct an employee engagement survey. We administer the survey over a two-week period and share results with all employees. In 2016, the participation rate was 92 per cent and the engagement score was 76 per cent.

As a follow-up, management presented their departmental results and worked with their teams to develop a plan to sustain or improve engagement levels. The Executive Team reviewed the plans for common themes and identified three initiatives for action in 2017:

  1. Operational Efficiency—teams to look at their internal processes and identify ways to automate, eliminate, clarify and operate more efficiently.
  2. Corporate Training—add an additional course offering of “Working Smart with MS Outlook.” This course provides tools and techniques for better time management.
  3. Career Development—encourage HR advisors and managers to focus on employee performance and career development planning.

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