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Sustainable Purchasing Policy

In 2017 we continued to implement our Sustainable Purchasing Policy, which aims to embed sustainability in our purchasing decisions and ensure meaningful consideration of environmental, social, economic and governance criteria when selecting suppliers, products and services. Under the Policy, we consider sustainability criteria in all types of bids and weigh suppliers’ responses as part of evaluating submissions.

To do this, we included our Sustainability Leadership Questionnaire with select bids in 2017. The Questionnaire asked respondents about management systems and reporting, environmental, workplace and supply chain practices and leadership. We included the Questionnaire in all environmentally related service contracts, contracts for equipment that produces greenhouse gases and information technology equipment. In total, we included the Questionnaire in 82 per cent of the bids that met our selective criteria.

In addition, YVR includes environmental commitments in the majority of its agreements. We have environmental provisions in our land leases with tenants and our construction contracts. 100 per cent of YVR’s supply contracts and purchase orders clearly state that suppliers and contractors will comply with international, federal, provincial and municipal environmental protection laws and regulations. There were no terminations of supplier contracts in 2017 for environmental, social or corporate governance reasons.

2017 Activities

Through the Sustainable Purchasing Policy, we undertook a range of activities to improve YVR’s environmental performance.

We purchased seven fully electric buses for YVR’s new Remote Stand Operations (RSO). These buses, together with one electrical bus acquired in 2016, will reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 442 tonnes in 2018. We also purchased seven mobile boarding ramps for our RSO, which will greatly improve accessibility while reducing emissions. YVR will be the first airport in Canada to operate these ramps.

Our Supply Management Department launched, an easy-to-use webpage to issue bids and receive submissions from suppliers. This platform reduced our printed paper use by 40,000 sheets in 2017. We have also enhanced the content on the Airport Supplier website to provide information on YVR’s Sustainability Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct and more.

In addition, we arranged with a third-party to repurpose two storage buildings, we established relationships with four local auction companies to sell surplus goods, we associated with five local catering companies that follow sustainable practices and we reduced the delivery frequency of stationary supplies to all our offices to once a week—reducing GHG emissions from delivery vehicles by 80 per cent.

Future Development

During 2017, we developed a Sustainable Supply Management Plan, which provides a vision for the next three years: reduce cost and increase productivity via innovative terms, work collaboratively with the supplier community, meet the goals and objectives of our Environmental Management Plan and strengthen our governance through the management of a fair and transparent procurement process. We will roll out select elements in 2018 and will expand the Leadership Questionnaire for engineering design and other service contracts.

We will continue to enhance the Airport Suppliers web page to provide more information to the supplier community on how they can better engage with us. We will also assess a number of potential developments and will be auditing partners to ensure they uphold the Policy. In addition, we are looking at how to assess the social impacts of contractors and business partners, as per our Social Policy, and are gathering data to report on how much business YVR has done with select groups including First Nations, visible minorities, women, fair trade partners and local suppliers.

YVR’s Environment Department is developing a value chain management program and is currently gathering data in an effort to set targets for suppliers. Once we have established a benchmark, we will incorporate sustainability targets into bids as part of an innovation section.

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