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Customer Care

2017 was our busiest year ever. We welcomed a record number of passengers from all over the world and we did this while working on the future airport and managing the daily demands of growth. We achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 90 per cent and over 13 million passengers awarded YVR Best Airport in North America at the Skytrax World Airport Awards. And in 2018 we won the Skytrax award again, for a record 9 years in a row.

This was all thanks to the YVR team, a dedicated group of over 24,000 people who work hard to deliver a great airport, every day, for our passengers and partners.

YVR continued to provide exceptional customer care to passengers in 2017. Our team answered 1,023,963 enquiries at information counters—a 25.8 per cent increase over 2016. We responded to 30,281 interactions through our communications channels, up 7 per cent over 2016. This included 740 responses through Twitter, 4,594 through email and 24,170 phone calls.

Green Coat Volunteers

For over 28 years, YVR’s Green Coat volunteers have assisted travellers and visitors. They are located throughout the terminal and are always happy to help answer questions and ensure everyone has a great experience. This friendly team of 457 active volunteers delivered 80,078 hours of service in 2017.

Our Green Coat volunteers are continually going beyond for our passengers. From reuniting passengers with lost items to providing directions and assistance, they are core to our customer care efforts.

From a passenger...

“A volunteer at YVR went way beyond the call of duty and went out of her way to make sure we were looked after.

We had forgotten to return our keys to our family’s accommodation and it was extremely important to have these keys available for our family in Vancouver. We had already gone through security and knew our only alternative was to take the keys to Winnipeg and mail them back, which would have taken too long. As a consequence, the family would have had to get a locksmith to come to the house and open the door and cut more keys.

Lori's extreme kindness of personally making sure our family received the keys the next day saved us all from a lot of anguish.”

YVR Stars

The YVR Stars program encourages travellers, visitors and employees to nominate anyone who works or volunteers on Sea Island for providing exceptional customer care. In addition to promoting great service, the program inspires the YVR community to take pride in their work. In 2017, YVR Stars received 568 nominations encompassing 42 companies on Sea Island. We hosted our third annual celebration event in February for YVR Stars, welcoming winners that demonstrated exceptional safety and security, teamwork and overall customer care.

  • Safety & Security Award: Randy Andreachuk, Securiguard
  • Teamwork Award: Kuniko Ishida, Air Canada and Terry Greenslade, Green Coat Volunteer
  • Beyond, Every Day – Individual: Ann Senko, Green Coat Volunteers
  • Beyond, Every Day – Peer to Peer: Hershcel Agoncillo, WestJet



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