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Being a Leader in Sustainability

YVR strives to be more than just an airport: we are an economic engine, a hub of innovation, a leader in environmental management and a community contributor.

Sustainability & Friendship Agreement

On June 21, we took a major step forward with the signing of the Musqueam Indian Band – YVR Airport Sustainability & Friendship Agreement. The first of its kind, this 30-year agreement recognizes that, being on traditional Musqueam land, both YVR and Musqueam have a responsibility to work together to manage the airport for the benefit of everyone. The agreement includes a broad range of benefits such as revenue sharing, scholarships, new jobs, a commitment to identify and protect archeological resources and support for the airport’s long-term development, which provides operational certainty. More than anything, the agreement is about fostering a real friendship and a sustainable future.

YVR 2037 Master Plan - Phase 3

  • 25,400 – visitors to
  • 197 – completed surveys
  • 5 – stakeholder meetings
  • 3 – open houses

The YVR 2037 Master Plan is a 20-year roadmap that will help us meet future growth in a sustainable manner. It’s the result of strong collaboration between YVR and our stakeholders, involving several consultation phases that focused on a shared vision. In 2017, we completed the third consultation phase, which included an online survey, a series of open houses and meetings where we asked for feedback on the plan’s highlights. In December, we submitted the Master Plan and its corresponding Land Use Plan to the Minister of Transport for review and approval. We look forward to sharing our Master Plan and Land Use Plan upon receiving approval and want to thank you, our stakeholders, for the meaningful dialogue and your participation in building the future airport. Learn more at

YVR Socks

YVR donated over $1 million to a broad range of community organizations in 2017 including our new partner, Covenant House. We came up with the innovative YVR Socks program, under which we donate a pair of warm socks to at-risk youth for each purchase of our new YVR socks. The program was a big success: we sold 837 pairs of socks in a few weeks, donating 837 pairs to Covenant House in return. Purchase your pair and help out at

Environmental Management Plan: Year 3

2017 marked the third year of YVR’s five-year Environmental Management Plan. This plan set ambitious 2020 targets, based on 2012 baselines, to reduce emissions, waste and potable water consumption while protecting ecosystem health. With passenger growth greatly exceeding our forecasts, YVR’s 2017 progress was below expectations for two environmental targets. However, we are confident that our current and future initiatives will further improve our environmental performance.

Reducing Waste

In 2017, YVR maintained a 51% waste diversion rate—exceeding our 2020 target. There are many projects that contributed to this success including:

Waste Wars

YVR promoted its waste reduction efforts through the Waste Wars program for the third year in a row. We worked with our food and beverage tenants to inspect their waste sorting facilities and practices, awarding points for best practices. The 2017 Waste Wars winners were:

Restaurant Category

  • Lift Bar & Grill
  • Hanami
  • Globe Fairmont Restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant Category

  • Starbucks - C Pier
  • Vino Volo - Transborder
  • A&W - Domestic

Congrats to all of our winners!

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