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Corporate Policies

As required under Canadian Aviation regulations (CARS), YVR implements an effective Safety Management System—a system of reporting information related to acts, deficiencies, hazards, or occurrences that threaten safety, security or the environment. Under our Non-Punitive Reporting Policy, we encourage employees to self-report on unintentional errors and safety hazards, as the root causes and lessons-learned can help improve safety for everyone.

YVR’s internal Whistleblower Policy provides a framework to report any perceived wrongdoings. Overseen by our Vice President Legal & General Counsel and our Internal Audit team, the Policy offers several options: reporting to superiors, reporting anonymously through our Safety Management System and calling a 24-hour hotline. YVR shares this policy with employees and select vendors.

There were two complaints reported in 2016. One complaint was reported anonymously under the Whistleblower Policy using the hotline, which was investigated and effectively resolved. Details of the nature of this complaint are not being disclosed in order to protect the complainant’s anonymity. However, it can be confirmed that while the behavior in question did not meet the test for workplace harassment, it was brought to an end.

The second anonymous complaint involved allegations of mishandling of private information and was reported directly to senior management. This matter was independently investigated initially by the Vice President Legal & General Counsel and subsequently continued with the assistance of external legal counsel. The majority of the allegations were deemed to be unfounded and based on misinformation. However, the complaint that calls to the customer service line were being recorded without advising customers that the call is being recorded was found to be legitimate. The investigation revealed that the outgoing message used to include this notification about recordings being made had been inadvertently disabled during an upgrade to the telephone messaging systems. This was remedied once discovered, so all customers now calling into the customer service line are advised that, “this call may be recorded for airport operational and security purposes,” in both English and French.

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