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Waste Audits

Waste Audits

YVR regularly conducts tenant waste audits to identify opportunities for improvement. In 2016, our contracted waste removal providers regularly assessed our waste material for quality assurance. We conducted a range of spot-check waste assessment audits for all terminal food and beverage tenants as part of our Waste Wars program. Tenants did very well during these audits, demonstrating commitment to our waste reduction efforts.

Materials Recycled In 2016

  • 2.7 million kg of concrete — 61% of recycled materials
  • 22,990 kg of runway lights – new
  • 25,294 kg of scrap metal (↑7%)
  • 77,514 kg of kitchen grease (↑16%)
  • 47,204 linear feet of fluorescent tubes (↑19%)
  • 23,730 kg of e-waste (↑170%)
  • 1,005 kg of batteries (↓19%)
  • 57,150 kg of landscaped materials (↑106%)
  • 25,658 kg of metal (↑8%)
  • 11,918 light bulbs (↑23%)

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