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Reducing Organic Waste

2016 was a milestone year for YVR’s organic waste program, as we focused on complying with Metro Vancouver’s ban on organic materials to landfill. Our successes stemmed from the implementation of a diversion program and the ongoing efforts of our team and partners.


Our International Terminal Food Court got a new composter, which will reduce food court waste by up to 80 per cent. The machine is sustainable in many ways: it turns food waste and food-soiled paper into compost, it saves costs by reducing food waste management and it prevents waste from going to landfill.

Centralized Food Court

To improve waste sorting and support our new food composter, we installed a centralized food court station in the International Terminal Building. The new station allows for better sorting of waste when patrons leave their tray on the counter for staff to sort. This saves passengers confusion and ensures that we are diverting everything properly.

New Hand Soap

We found a unique way to reduce waste and water use by replacing liquid soap in the public washrooms with DEB Refresh Clear Foam Soap. This unscented foam soap uses 20 per cent less water than regular liquid soap, comes in recyclable plastic bottles and leaves no residue behind—avoiding further waste.


In just one month, we collected over 19,000 chopsticks and donated them to ChopValue, a local company that takes used wood and bamboo and makes beautiful wood products.

YVR Parking Token

In 2015, we launched a new plastic token parking system in our Parkade and Value Lot. This system uses chip-embedded tokens, which replace paper tickets as a means to reduce waste. We used only 40,000 paper tickets in 2016 compared to 140,000 in 2015—a decrease of 71 per cent.


We are committed to managing the environmental impacts of contractors and business partners and in 2016 we continued working together to improve waste reduction. Since 2011, YVR has helped to divert 5,548 kg of food and other items from landfill by placing them in Quest’s not-for-profit markets. This has resulted in a reduction of 11.58 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Waste Wars

In 2016, YVR hosted the second annual Waste Wars competition. Read more about Waste Wars here.

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