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Reducing Waste

Every year, we aim to keep more garbage out of landfills. In 2016, we recycled and composted 2.15 of 4.22 million kilograms of terminal building waste, totalling a 51 per cent diversion rate—5 per cent higher than 2015 and one per cent over our 2020 target! We did this by working with our partners, promoting our waste reduction initiatives and constantly checking our progress.

2020 Target: Divert 50% of YVR waste from landfill 
2016 Result: 51% of waste diverted

YVR strives to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our terminal waste diversion focuses on three recyclable waste streams including organics, containers (plastics, metals and glass) and fibre (paper and cardboard). We saw increases in diversion for all terminal waste types in 2016, with an impressive 79 per cent increase in organics diversion thanks to several unique programs. Passenger waste declined from 0.106 kg per person in 2015 to 0.093 kg in 2016—an 8 per cent reduction.

YVR is very proud to have surpassed our 2020 target for diverted waste—three years early—but we are not stopping there. We are committed to constantly improving and in 2016 we demonstrated this through a range of terminal improvements, programs and initiatives.

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