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Our Progress

To achieve YVR’s ambitious water consumption target, we have to constantly check its progress. The City of Richmond provides our potable water and we take quarterly readings of potable water through its metered infrastructure.

Water Use Trends

Potable water use on Sea Island has steadily decreased since YVR established its baseline in 2012.

Year Total Water Usage (m3)
2012 1,206,721
2013 1,199,687
2014 1,184,017
2015 1,143,278
2016 1,130,906

Unlike many other airports, YVR tracks all water consumed for the lands it leases from Transport Canada across Sea Island. This means that the water consumption we track and report on is also that of our business partners and our on-site contractors. We established our 2012 potable water use baseline at 1,206,721 m3 after an audit revealed that our initial baseline reading of 1,041,278 m3 was inaccurate due to two malfunctioning water metres. According to our 2016 water study, our terminals consume one-third of our water and washrooms used the most water followed by food services and heating and cooling systems. Construction projects recorded 25,485 m³ of water in 2016 and tenants consumed over 40 per cent of the water on Sea Island, with the top five users totalling over 31 per cent.

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