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Supporting our Business Partners

YVR is part of an industry group working with Transport Canada to reduce emissions from aircraft auxiliary power units and ground support equipment. We also work closely with our Sea Island businesses to reduce their ecological footprints.

Climate Smart

We continued our business partnership with Climate Smart, a local organization that specializes in business engagement and providing training and tools to manage carbon emissions, waste and water use with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We helped 12 Sea Island businesses join the program and become Climate Smart Certified, bringing the total to 18. In addition to supporting these partners in reducing their ecological footprints, we build stronger and more coordinated relationships and through a year-end meeting and evaluation form, their feedback allows us and the program to continually improve.

Gate Infrastructure

YVR works closely with airlines to optimize gate infrastructure and reduce environmental impacts. For instance, we provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional electrical and cabin air conditioning methods by connecting aircraft to the local grid for electrical and HVAC services. Airlines use this technology to reduce the amount of fuel burned in auxiliary power units and ultimately lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2016, we upgraded three gates at YVR with pre-conditioned air units, which maintain the temperature and air quality of parked aircraft by bringing external, filtered air into the cabin. With three additional gates equipped, 74 per cent of YVR’s gates now have both pre-conditioned air and ground power, enabling even more airlines to turn off their auxiliary power units. We also conducted a trial at two gates to relocate the gate infrastructure to the alternate side of the aircraft, enabling a faster connection time.

Ground Service Equipment

We are actively working on our electrical charging infrastructure to reach our goal of having 50 per cent of the ground handling fleet at YVR running on electric power by 2020. In 2016, 22 per cent of the overall licensed Ground Service Equipment operator fleet and 38 per cent of all baggage support equipment were electric.

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