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Improving Ground Access

Our existing initiatives continued to reduce emissions and improve ground access. This included a 71 per cent hybrid taxi fleet, two electric vehicle parking stalls in our Parkade, the ongoing use of the Canada Line, carpooling options, cycling infrastructure and our cellphone waiting lot.

Canada Line

As part of our commitment to sustainable transportation, we invested $300 million in the Sea Island portion of the Canada Line rapid transit system, which began operations in August 2009. Approximately 2.88 million passengers used the Canada Line to travel to and from YVR in 2016—an increase of three per cent over 2015. YVR has some of the highest transit ridership in North America, with 25 per cent of the people coming to the airport arriving on the Canada Line and buses. Travel between the three stations on Sea Island remains free of charge.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

YVR currently has eight electric vehicle charging stations for public, employee and fleet use. This includes two units in our Parkade, four units for employees and two units for fleet vehicles. In 2016, we recorded 1,836 charges from our public and employee stations—an increase of 79 per cent over 2015. Since 2013, there have been 3,376 charges recorded from these stations. We also began planning an expansion of YVR’s charging infrastructure, which will include 11 new stations for public and fleet use in 2017.

Cycling Improvements

In September, we launched our Fleet Bicycle Program, which provides six common-use bikes for all Airport Authority employees to use for business trips. The fleet bikes provide a zero-emission alternative to using fleet vehicles, helping the airport reduce its emissions footprint.

Encouraging Cycling

Cycling continues to grow at YVR. Our bike trackers, located at three key locations, recorded 84,319 cyclists on Sea Island in 2016. To encourage this positive trend, we continued support for HUB, Metro Vancouver’s largest cycling coalition, and participation in Bike to Work Week. We sponsored two one-day cycling commuter station events at Larry Berg Flight Path Park. A total of 63 cyclists visited these events. We organized a Sea Island Cycling tour to promote Bike to Work Week, which saw 32 Airport Authority employees participate in both spring and fall events, travelling a total of 2,495 km and avoiding 0.5 tonnes of carbon emissions—a participation increase of 45 per cent and emissions decrease of 70 per cent over 2015.

Commuter Challenge

For 16 years, YVR has participated in the Commuter Challenge, a national, week-long event during Canadian Environment Week encouraging Canadians to walk, cycle, take public transit, carpool, or work from home. In 2016, 44 Airport Authority employees participated in the Commuter Challenge, travelling 5,168 km and avoiding 0.6 tonnes of carbon emissions.

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