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Environmental Audits

To ensure YVR maintains high environmental standards, we regularly conduct internal and external audits as part of a multi-year environmental audit program. Environment Canada conducts regular audits of YVR and in 2016 YVR had no penalties, fines or issues of non-compliance. We also underwent third-party audits in 2016 to assess the processes and documentation that allowed the airport to become Airport Carbon Accredited and to become the first certified Salmon-Safe airport in the world.

Working with our Partners

In 2016, we conducted waste audits of all food and beverage tenants as part of the new Waste Wars program. Using third-party environmental assessors, we conducted environmental audits on 34 per cent of a select group of YVR’s Sea Island tenants based on risk assessment criteria—focused on hazardous materials management, spill response and petroleum storage tank management. All audits resulted in minor recommendations for improvement and no tenants were in non-compliance.

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