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Employee programs

The Airport Authority has developed several financial incentives to help the organization achieve its environmental goals and support our Social Policy.

Green Commuter Program

Our popular Green Commuter Program offers employees a $50 per month rebate to take public transit, bike, walk or carpool. In 2016, 187 employees (39 per cent of our workforce) participated, a slight increase over 177 employees in 2015. Their collective efforts helped us avoid 1,234,251 km of single vehicle trips and 219 tonnes in carbon emissions. Since the program started in 2006, YVR has saved 9,305,322 km of vehicle trips and 1,591 tonnes of emissions.

Sustainability Challenge

In November, we launched the YVR Sustainability Challenge—a friendly and competitive program where we asked employee teams to come up with ideas to improve sustainability among our organization. Nine groups entered 27 innovative initiatives. Our winning group received $200 in gift certificates per team member for their great initiatives that included using renewable water bottles, promoting reusable bags, highlighting the importance of participating in YVR’s Green Commuter program and creating a sustainability calendar that lists seasonal fruits and vegetables and includes simple sustainability tips.

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