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Climate Change Planning

YVR takes a proactive stance on mitigating the effects of climate change. Our Environmental Management Plan reflects our commitment to address our climate performance, with targets and programs to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Our Board and Executive Team are responsible for our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and they uphold this through ensuring that the operations and development of YVR are environmentally friendly and by including climate change in our robust Enterprise Risk Management program.

In 2016, YVR hosted an internal stakeholder workshop to assess the resiliency of its utilities infrastructure and developed an action plan for future improvements. We also continued a multi-year dyke program.

Heat Island Effect

Paved surfaces, buildings and airport processes all contribute to warmer temperatures, a phenomenon known as Heat Island Effect. While YVR does not have formal programs in place to reduce a potential Heat Island Effect, we indirectly reduce this through our Environmental Management Plan and its objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve ecosystem health. For instance, we plant trees and vegetation and incrementally build our infrastructure as required, reducing our impact.

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