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Water Management

Our Water Quality Program aims to prevent pollution from entering surface waters. We do not discharge water into the environment; instead, we send all waste water to a sewage treatment facility. We constantly investigate methods of managing runoff and recently installed new infiltration swales and raingardens to reduce water pollution. We have a robust monitoring system, we strategically use oil-water separators and de-icing pads and we educate the Sea island community about water quality.

Winter Ops

Under our Water Quality Program, we set clear targets for reducing impacts to water quality. This includes a 2020 target that strives for zero water samples with glycol concentration above the Canadian Glycol Guideline level of 100 mg/L. In 2016 we tested 279 water samples from airport stormwater runoff for glycol. Two of these samples had glycol at concentration levels above the guideline.

While YVR did not achieve our target of zero water samples above the glycol guideline, we recognize that 2016 was a challenging year for snow operations. In December 2016, our snow operations team was put to work for the first time in about 1,000 days—with five days of snowfall and one of the longest cold-weather periods on record. During this time, we applied 1,567,860 litres of deicing fluid, 209 per cent more than in 2015.

We are proud of the work this team did and we will continue to strive for our glycol target in 2017 and beyond.

Glycol Sampling Data

  Samples above 100 mg/L
2012 1
2013 1
2014 4
2015 0
2016 2

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