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When Transport Canada transferred management of YVR to Vancouver Airport Authority in 1992, they remained financially responsible for all documented historical contaminated sites identified in the Ground Lease. The Airport Authority administers a responsible contaminated sites program, which has the primary objective of protecting human health and the environment. We follow federal and provincial environmental guidance and procedures with respect to land reclamation under our Contaminated Sites Program, which consists of four key activities: Site Identification, Assigning Responsibility, Management Plans and Monitoring.

We monitored a number of historical contaminated sites that occurred prior to the formation of the Airport Authority and we will continue to work with Transport Canada to address these sites under our Contaminated Sites Program.

In 2016, we did not have any contaminated sites requiring full remediation. We did, however, remove soil from two construction sites to an approved soil treatment facility and we conducted investigations of two areas to better delineate contamination and develop options for remediation.

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