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Managing Noise

YVR strives to be a good neighbour and has a comprehensive approach to mitigating the impacts from aircraft noise. Our Aeronautical Noise Management Program seeks to minimize the level of disturbance to those living in the vicinity of the airport, while recognizing the need for 24-hour airport operations.

YVR’s Aeronautical Noise Management Program has come a long way, starting with a noise monitoring system in 1988 to a modern-day, multi-faceted program that meets the challenges of a growing airport. Our program includes a wide range of initiatives, from increased engagement with community representatives through our Aeronautical Noise Management Committee (ANMC), to our support of international efforts to develop noise mitigation standards. In 2016, we conducted noise impact studies associated with YVR’s growth to support our Master Plan process. We also conducted research on the use of increased glideslope as a potential noise mitigation strategy and we presented our Noise Management Program to students at UBC. We are constantly improving the program and encourage the community to reach us through for more information.

YVR currently uses the Aircraft Noise & Operations Monitoring System to monitor aircraft operations and noise levels at 20 permanent locations throughout Metro Vancouver. The data collected helps us understand the impact of aircraft noise in communities, perform trend analysis, investigate noise concerns and select winners for the annual YVR Fly Quiet Awards.

Your Feedback

Our 2016 community survey of Metro Vancouver residents shows that only 14 per cent of respondents reported being annoyed by aircraft noise—down from 15 per cent in 2015. We received 1,886 noise concerns in 2016—a 13 per cent increase from 2015—with the top three complainants accounting for 73 per cent of concerns. The number of individuals who registered a complaint increased slightly, from 298 in 2015 to 301 in 2016.

Ground Run-Up Enclosure

2016 marked the fifth full year of operations for our Ground Run-Up Enclosure (GRE), a noise reduction structure that primarily serves business jets and propeller aircraft on the south side of the airport. In 2016, the GRE accommodated 1,064 run-ups, an increase from 2015. We received 51 noise complaints from 21 people regarding run-up noise and 41 per cent of these complaints came from one person.

Fly Quiet Awards

2016 marked the 11th year of the YVR Fly Quiet Awards. This annual award acknowledges airlines that demonstrate good noise management practices, with winners selected based on having the lowest average measured noise levels and being in good standing with the YVR Noise Abatement Procedures. YVR selects winners based on three aircraft classes: wide body, narrow body and propeller. The winners are:

  • WestJet Encore – Propeller
  • American Airlines – Narrow Body
  • All Nippon Airways – Wide Body

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